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    23 Places To Eat When You're Low On Cash

    Cheap eats.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite budget meals in the UK. Here are the results.

    1. Nanna Mexico, Norwich and Cambridge

    Nanna Mexico

    "They do burritos, quesidilas, nachos and the best part is on Mondays students can get a big-ass burrito and drink for a fiver. Bargain!" – Georgia Badiali via Facebook

    2. Humpit, Leeds and Sheffield


    "It does amazing half hummus, half falafel pitas for £4.20. They are unreal." – laurap484cc82f8

    3. The Little Box of Treats, Warrington

    4. Pizza Pilgrims, London

    Pizza Pilgrims

    "It does amazing, traditional pizzas for as little as a fiver – and they're huge! Alternatively anything from Borough Food Market." – Carys Maia Newton via Facebook

    5. Thali Café, Bristol

    6. Egg Café, Liverpool

    7. Maggy Mays, Belfast

    Maggie Mays

    "Open from early to late, BYOB. Serves everything from the classic Ulster Fry via burgers to curry, massive menu. Handily highlights perfect hangover cures. Also full array of milkshakes (including some boozy concoctions). Most dishes £7 and under, fill yourself to the gills including a drink for less than £8." – laureno4b9ae7106

    8. The Mosque Kitchen, Edinburgh

    9. Lemlem Kitchen, London

    10. Yokoso, Northampton

    11. Falafel, Manchester

    12. Da Mount Gurkha, Liverpool

    13. Thomas the Baker, various locations in Yorkshire

    14. Selale, London

    15. Taste Buchanan, Glasgow

    16. Alexandros, Carlisle

    17. Boojum, Belfast


    "Boojum in Belfast is incredible! It has cult status in Ireland, and the Game of Thrones cast are always there too. Massive burritos and a beer for under 10 quid!" – kerribeps

    18. The Bay Tree, Ipswich

    Baytree Pizza

    "The Bay Tree on Ipswich market – for over a year it was number one on trip advisor and honestly the food speaks for itself!" –frany101

    19. Wee Mexico, Dundee

    Wee Mexico

    20. Wackers, York

    Trip Advisor/

    "York has Whackers: the world’s biggest fish and chip shop apparently and also is in Scarborough. They cook chips in beef fat but you can have veg oil chips instead. I can have a big chip dinner (big chip portions too), a cup of tea and a sweet for under a tenner. It’s where I always took my kids for a special meal out, feeding the whole family for under £20." – jennyb27

    21. Marco's Cafè, Hebden Bridge

    Marco's Pizza

    "I’m holidaying in Hebden Bridge, where Marco’s Pizza has authentic Italian pizza. The margherita drizzled with garlic oil is just £5 and huge — a perfect meal for one after a long walk, or enough for two to share. Not worth buying a frozen one at that price!" – raec4

    22. Crawshaws, Huddersfield

    23. Eat a Pitta, Bristol

    Eat a Pitta

    "Amazing falafel, houmous and salad wrap or box for around £5!" –  samanthaf4c2010b04

    Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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