16 Charming Bookshops In The UK Everyone Must Visit

    Go book yourself.

    1. Scarthin Books, Derbyshire.

    2. Mr B's Reading Emporium, Bath

    This Bath bookshop is insanely charming, but its real appeal lies upstairs. You can book for a "bibliotherapy" appointment at their Reading Spa. During the appointment, you sit with a cup of tea and nice slice of cake, while the ~bibliotherapist~ will then "gather and introduce you to a tower of books specially selected to suit your reading tastes". Delightful.

    3. Armchair Books, Edinburgh

    You could easily lose a weekend while nosing about the dreamy Armchair Books. Delve into stacks and stacks of inviting tomes at this Edinburgh institution. If you're still on the fence, Armchair Books are also great value on Twitter. Plus their logo is a dinosaur reading! (See above right).

    4. Any Amount of Books, London

    This second-hand bookshop is a treasure trove not too far from Leicester Square. If you want to make your money go further, the bargain basement is stocked with titles for only £1 each. Perfect!

    5. Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

    Young's describes itself as "a wee shop, with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity". And they're not wrong. They've got a really wide range, and are especially good for quirkier finds – think vintage sci-fi, philosophy, and antiquarian books.

    6. Barter Books, Alnwick

    7. Leakey's Bookshop, Inverness

    Picture this. It's chilly outside (snowing, maybe?) but you're cosy in Leakey's cavernous bookshop, rifling through your faves, picking some to take home. "How could things get any better?", you think. You then discover that Leakey's has a wood-burning fire, and a café. Amazing.

    8. The Sanctuary, Lyme Regis

    This second-hand bookshop is a little bit of everything – you'll find books, yes, but also antiques, homeware, and artworks. If that's not enough for you, you can also sleep over in the bookshop! The upper floors form the book-lover's bed and breakfast, above left.

    9. Octavia's Bookshop, Cirencester

    This vibrant purple Cirencester bookshop specialises in children's books (and also has a small range of books for grown-ups too). If you can't make it there, why not ask them for a book recommendation on Twitter?

    10. Topping and Co, Bath/Ely/St Andrews

    Topping's forms a cosy trio of independent bookshops, with a real backbone of charm. There's no café, but they'll offer you a coffee, and there are plenty of author events to hold your interest.

    11. Madhatter Bookshop, Oxfordshire

    12. Daunt Books, London

    13. Astley Book Farm, Warwickshire

    You could while hours away in the book barn – even their clock reminds you to "make time to read". Particularly charming is their Children's Hayloft, a hideaway filled with books for youngsters.

    14. The Book and Record Bar, London

    This West Norwood neighbourhood bookseller sells, well, books and records. It describes itself as "a shop selling second-hand records and books, good coffee" and offers the chance to play your own records. They're particularly good for stealth finds, showcasing a recent first-edition Nabokov.

    15. The Book Barge, Staffordshire

    This utterly adorable floating bookshop has a great selection of reads – and even has its own book too. (The Bookshop That Floated Away; buy it here). If things couldn't get any cuter, they also have a barge bunny! (Above left).

    16. The whole village of Hay-on-Wye.