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    These Cereal Cocktails Will Give You The Breakfast You Deserve

    Put those cornflakes down.

    Before we begin, some important cereal cocktail tips.

    Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

    Authors of the Cereal Killer Café Cookbook, Alan and Gary Keery,

    tell BuzzFeed Life, "When putting together any cereal cocktail you should always use the freshest of cereals; stale flakes will just not do. Spoon shape should also be considered. We find a cream soup spoon holds the perfect ratio of milk and cereal."

    They add, "You should always wear comfortable clothing, loose-fitting jersey material works best, a onesie for ultimate comfort."

    The Bowlocinno

    Ebury Press

    Bowlocinno (2 servings)

    1/2 bowl of Nesquik cereal approx. 20g

    1/2 bowl of Coco Pops approx. 20g

    1/2 Flake, crushed

    Instant coffee granules mixed with 1 teaspoon of boiling water

    150ml whole milk

    1 café straw, to serve

    "Get your bowl ready and fill it three-quarters full with the Nesquik cereal first, then add the Coco Pops and swirl the cereal in a circular motion – this will allow the Nesquik to peek through the sea of Coco Pops.

    Scatter the crushed Flake over the top and pop in your café straw. It looks right posh now, doesn’t it?

    Add 1 teaspoon of the blended coffee to your milk and mix well. Now pour this over the cereal and enjoy."

    The Unicorn Poop

    Ebury Press

    Unicorn Poop (1 serving)

    1 bowl of Ricicles approx. 40g

    3 broken Party Rings

    15 mini marshmallows

    1 tablespoon Marshmallow Fluff

    Sprinkling of hundreds and thousands

    150ml semi-skimmed milk

    Fill your bowl with Ricicles and shake so that the surface is flat. Place broken Party Rings around the edge (icing side up), and scatter marshmallows. Add the Marshmallow Fluff in the centre and decorate with hundreds and thousands.

    The authors add, "If you want to up the sweetness, make it with strawberry milk."

    The Sticky Monkey

    Ebury Press

    The Sticky Monkey (1 serving)

    Toffee Crisp cereal approx 40g

    Chopped banana

    Whipped cream

    Crushed digestive

    Toffee sauce

    150ml banana milk

    Assemble as above, and enjoy!

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