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    17 Photos That Are Brunch Goals AF

    Brunch plans this weekend?

    1. This perfect pick and mix.

    2. This fully loaded smoothie.

    3. This perfect pancake stack.

    4. This doughnut selection.

    5. This French toast that is hidden under a stack of bacon.

    6. These fries from on high.

    7. This healthy option.

    8. This egg'n'greens situation.

    9. This soul-saving sandwich.

    10. This orgasmic overhead shot.

    11. This high-class eggs on toast.

    12. This dainty delicacy.

    13. This banging Benedict.

    14. This Bloody Mary that will either kill you or cure you.

    15. This breakfast hot-dog.

    16. This chicken and waffle delight.

    17. This decadent beast of a sandwich.