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21 Things You Learn When You Grow Out Your Eyebrows

All about them brows, no tweezin'.

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1. So maybe you've made some brow mistakes in the past.

2. Or you've recognised a new brow icon.

Getty Images Kevork Djansezian

3. Or you just want to add impact to your side-eye.

4. But either way, you are ready for this journey.

5. Naturally, there is some panic.

OMG mysterious thin sounds so fancy though.

6. You feel personally victimized by these tutorials.

(Read the full tutorial here.)

(Read the full tutorial here.)

7. You use every tool you can to tame the regrowth.

8. You try to distract from the baby hairs with dramatic liner.

10. You're tempted to tweeze but then you spot something like this and it's like UNGGHHHH GIVE IT TO ME.

11. And like, you're 90% sure what fleek means and you know you want it.

12. You get a bit worked up over how satisfying this transformation looks.

13. And a little tidy-up wouldn't be so bad, right?

14. But every time you reach for the tweezer, you pray to #browgame icons for inspiration.

15. So you try to help nature along.

16. You enlist a support group.

17. You start to get a bit funny when you see perfect brows.

18. You study regrowth charts so much that you start to get a bit DaVinci Code.

19. And you are not sure how this path became so important to you, but with Cara DeLevigne as your witness your brows will BE ON POINT.

20. Nobody said this would be easy.

21. But the results? Totally worth it.

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