This Is Definitively The Most Delicious Scotch Egg In All Of The UK


    For the past four years, a pub in Wandsworth, south London, has hosted the annual Scotch Egg Challenge.

    The Ship prides itself on its own Scotch egg (you can see why), and invites restaurants and pubs from around the UK to come and compete.

    There are heats, and each contestant must submit an application describing their Scotch egg and its provenance.

    The eggs are brought anonymously to the judges, who mark them, then dispersed around the room to hungry punters.

    As you can see, the judges have their eyes firmly on the prize.

    The eggs are marked out of 40.

    First up is Oxfordshire pub The Red Lion's black pudding Scotch egg.

    The Red Lion team transported all their eggs in this basket.

    And now it's just a case of frying and finishing them off in The Ship's kitchen.

    A chorizo Scotch egg by The George Inn (Dorset) proves popular.

    And new formats are explored, such as with this smokey BBQ pulled-pork Scotch egg by The George Hotel (also Dorset).

    And this quail's egg wrapped in pork, leek, and beer crumbs by Jessica Mason (Brighton) is a delight.

    The pub grows busier. By 9.30pm, the crowd swells to almost 700.

    And although egg ennui does start to set in, the competition goes on.

    I never want to see a scotch egg again. Seriously.

    I seek advice from fellow diners.

    Eggs are being ferried from far afield.

    I hear @ChristianButle2 is picking up duck eggs for @jtmarchant77 #ScotchEggChallenge from +driving back from Dorset!

    Ivan Stein, chef at The Gannet (Glasgow), tells BuzzFeed: "We've made a 400-mile journey with a tray of eggs."

    However some chefs' curveballs proved too much for some, as with this divisive chicken caesar Scotch egg by Whyte & Brown (London).

    The Scottish wild boar, chorizo, and tarragon Cotswold Legbar Scotch egg, from the Princess Victoria (London), is a tour de force.

    And the black pudding and quail's egg Scotch egg by the Duck Inn (Norfolk) is served with a delicious mustard.

    But finally, a winner is chosen. It's the hogs pudding Cornish Scotch egg by The Cornwall Project (London).

    And what a worthy winner it is.

    And here's the full list of eggsellent competitors:

    The Red Lion, Oxfordshire; The Cornwall Project at The Adam & Eve, London;

    The George Inn, Dorset; The George Hotel, Dorset; Whyte & Brown, London;Princess Victoria, London; The Canbury Arms, Surrey; Scotchtails, London;The Duck Inn, Norfolk; Draper's Arms, London; Jessica Mason, Brighton; The Gannet Bar & Restaurant, Glasgow; The Victoria, East Sheen, The Swan, Devon; The Dairy, London; Northbank restaurant, London;The Aumbry, Manchester; Boma Restaurant, London.