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    17 British Drunk Foods The Rest Of The World Doesn't Understand

    Double carbs = half the hangover.

    1. Toast and marmite.

    Twitter: @BRkHZN

    The dream team.

    2. Beans on toast.

    Twitter: @ot_benk

    The reason microwave bean pots were invented.

    3. Beans on toast with ketchup.

    Twitter: @lovingyoustill_

    For a little extra something something.

    4. Chips and gravy.

    Twitter: @psychicstevie

    So delicious. So wet.

    5. Chips and curry sauce.

    Twitter: @KevinBrennanMP

    Ideally served in a pot on the side for dunking, but we live in an imperfect world.

    6. A curry with half chips, half rice.

    7. A parmo.

    Flickr: pritch

    A huge breaded chicken fillet, covered in béchamel and cheese, served in a pizza box. We tried to find the best one in Teeside a while ago, btw!

    8. Chips with chippy sauce.

    9. Chippy scraps.

    10. Munchie box.

    11. A chip butty.

    Twitter: @PeripateNic

    Bread and chips. Is there any more glorious combination?

    12. Chips with cheese and gravy.

    13. A battered sausage.

    Flickr: bmjames

    A rogue choice, but one that sometimes pays off.

    14. Chips, cheese and beans.

    15. A scotch egg.

    16. Chips with cheese.

    17. Coleslaw and chips.

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