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Britain's 9 Most Revolting Alcoholic Drinks

Water is better than this.

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1. Babycham.

Though the kitsch factor with Babycham is prevalent, the reality is that even though there is an adorable baby deer gracing the bottle, you are basically drinking alcoholic Lilt. And you are experiencing the best of neither world.

2. Cherry Lambrini

A fizzy perry masquerading as a fizz wine. The kicker with Cherry Lambrini is that during a late-night visit to the corner shop, one could be forgiven for grabbing Original Lambrini in a haze of tipsy logic. But Cherry Lambrini? That means you made an considered choice.


5. Original WKD

When the nuclear war comes, and presuming that pubs are still open, all that will be stocked are Walkers' leftover Hedgehog flavour crisps, and bottles of WKD Blue. It will never leave. It will never decompose. It has the half-life of a Cher-cockroach hybrid.

6. Bullet vodka mix

The elation of ordering a drink that tastes like a childhood treat (such as Bullet's Fruit Salad and Black Jack offerings) is almost immediately displaced by the shame which follows upon drinking it.