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19 Tiny Pieces Of Botanical Jewellery You’ll Fall In Love With

Woodland treasures.

1. These tiny leaf earrings.

By GwydionsGarden. Buy them here.

2. This silver oak leaf necklace.

By SongsofInkandSteel. Buy it here.

3. This breathtaking flower resin necklace.

By EvergreenGems. Buy it here.

4. This beautiful branch necklace.

By CuriousMagpieDesigns. Buy it here.

5. This pretty hair clip.

By JuJooBox. Buy it here.

6. This delicate floral orb.

By Ladyville. Buy it here.

7. This precious silver twig ring.

By CharlotteBezzant. Buy it here.

8. These tiny textured leaves.

By CuriousMagpieDesigns. Buy it here.

9. These glossy maple leaf earrings.

By MhohoJewellery. Buy them here.

10. This textured gold twig band.

By Diyora. Buy it here.

11. This small but mighty pine cone.

By BaubleVine. Buy it here.

12. These mesmerising acorn earrings.

By Eily O'Connell. Buy them here.

13. This minimal gold oak leaf.

By ZenChakraBoutique. Buy it here.

14. This sterling silver bark ring.

By Eleftheriajewellery. Buy it here.

15. These fabulous Swiss cheese plant stunners.

By Alex Monroe. Buy them here.

16. These two-tone metallic leaves.

By HelenBurgessJewelry. Buy them here.

17. This small but powerful acorn.

By SilversNature. Buy it here.

18. This minimal leaf necklace.

By Alielor. Buy it here.

19. These dainty branches.

By JoyCarry. Buy it here.

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