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    15 Gift Ideas For People Who Fucking Love Alcohol

    Make your celebration a little more *festive*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A whisky subscription that is a measly £7 a month and comes through your postbox in a handy pouch.

    2. This blue glitter vodka that Flounder would be proud of.

    3. These gin baubles that will make your tree a little more *festive*.

    4. A bottle of prestige pre-mixed peanut butter and jam old fashioned that isn't made for sharing, sorry.

    5. A Christmas cracker fit for a queen, complete with a personal-sized bottle of Moet.

    6. A bottle of sloe gin that will add pep to your gin and tonic.

    7. A Howler from Honest Brew that is one of best value alcohol gifts IMO.

    8. An easy infusion set that will make one bottle of gin go way further.

    9. A case of 15 Belgian beers that is basically a Selection Box for adults.

    10. A bottle of 10 year old, single malt Talisker because why not?

    11. A Bloody Mary-scented candle to set the mood for Boxing Day brunch.

    12. A bottle of personalised gin so that nobody will use it without your permission.

    13. An all-vegan box of beer because there are more vegan beers than you'd think.

    14. A bottle of Christmas Pudding gin that is the perfect festive digestif.

    15. A mini keg of Cornish ale so that everyone can join in the fun.


    Each gin bauble contains 50ml of gin. A previous version of this article said they contained 50cl.