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36 Beautiful Pieces Of Jewellery For Every Birthstone

Something for everyone.

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Tim Lane/BuzzFeed

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January: Garnet

1. This rough-cut stone necklace, £25

By Abiza jewellery

2. This dainty stacking ring, £28

By Ahne jewellery

3. This gorgeous 14k gold creation, £45

By Niccoletti

February: Amethyst

4. This perfectly imperfect bracelet, £25

By DyNaModuo

5. This multi-faceted necklace, £32

By So You Jewellery

6. This simple silver ring, £34

By maramjewellery

March: Aquamarine

7. This charming bracelet, £13

By The Bonny Boutique

8. This glam necklace, £37

By IrinasGemsandStamps

9. This rose gold wonder, £78

By Tiny Sparkle Studio

April: Diamond

10. This exquisite cluster, £49

By JewelLuxe

11. This perfect and delicate gold pair ring, £114

By i and i jewellery

12. These staggering raw diamond hoops, £182

By S For Sparkle shop

May: Emerald

13. This raw emerald ring, £25

By FeatherOak

14. This vibrant necklace, £42

By PearlBerryJewels

15. These glitzy earrings, £47

By EmbersJewelleryShop

June: Pearl

16. These delicate earrings, £11

By Island of Apples Gifts

17. This charming layered necklace, £36

By JoannaReid Bridal

18. This breathtaking chevron ring, £135

By Sarah Brown Jewellery

July: Ruby

19. This precious stacking ring, £27

By Embers Jewellery Shop

20. This textured necklace, £59

By PearlBerry Jewels

21. This ombre bracelet, £73

By Abiza Jewelry

August: Peridot

22. This stacking ring, £10

By Mistry Gems

23. This multi-layered necklace, £33

By Abiza Jewellery

24. These elegant earrings, £33

By PhoebeDreams

September: Sapphire

25. This abstract ring, £25

By Calico Rose Studio

26. These beautiful earrings, £40

By FeatherOak

27. This stunning ombre necklace, £62

By Ella Artisan Jewellery

October: Opal

28. This fiery ring, £25

By FeatherOak

29. This delicate necklace, £20

By Sarradise

30. These showstopper earrings, £62

By Bihls

November: Topaz

31. This shimmering necklace, £32

By Delicate and Layered

32. This ethereal bracelet, £53

By Abiza Jewelry

33. These twilight topaz earrings, £59

By Pink at Dusk

December: Turquoise

34. This beautiful bangle, £16

By PoppyKitten Designs

35. This dainty stacking ring, £19

By VBSilver Jewelry

36. This cluster necklace, £55

By The Amber Sunflower