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    18 Glorious Ideas For Groomsmen Photos

    You liked it, so you put a ring on it.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Make sure to involve your groomsmen with your preparations.

    Husar Photography / Via

    2. Let them help with the bow tie.

    BG Productions / Via

    3. Because four hands are always better than two.

    Viva Wedding Photography / Via

    4. A chest bump is always a good idea.

    Zev Fisher / Via

    5. Or channel a vintage video game.

    Evan Lumen / Via

    6. Make sure to show your best man that you couldn't have done it without him.

    Britton Felber / Via

    7. An aerial shot is sweet.

    Hoffer Photography / Via

    8. Jump for joy with your best friends.

    Britton Felber / Via

    9. They're just as excited as you are.

    10. Enlist your best man for the first look.

    Katy Weaver / Via

    11. And involve the bride in the celebrations.

    Claire Loves Love / Via

    12. A bride sandwich, in colour or in black and white.

    Kate Crabtree Photography / Via

    13. A family member as a best man makes for an emotional shot.

    Crystal Stokes / Via

    14. Make sure to capture the entrance of the groomsmen too.

    Dominic Blewett / Via

    15. A casual arm around the shoulder says it all.

    Jen Rodriguez / Via

    16. And laughing in the sunshine makes for a relaxed scene.

    Jojo Mamangun / Via

    17. Showing affection is wonderful.

    Joy Marie Photo / Via

    18. And if there's a sea, always splash in it.

    Mick Cookson / Via

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