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Behold! Britain's 8 Mightiest Sheds

Here are the finalists for the competition everyone wants to win: 2013 Shed Of The Year.

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Welcome to the 7th annual Shed Of The Year. The competition invites 'Sheddies' in the UK to submit their dens for the chance to be crowned victorious, with a prize sum of £1,000.

Categories include: Eco Shed, Garden Office, Cabin/ Summerhouse, Workshop/ Studio, Unique Shed, Pub Shed, TARDIS Shed, Normal Shed. The public votes for a category winner, and each category winner is entered into the final - with the winner being announced during Shed Week (1st July).


5. The shed with a boat for a roof. / Via

The roof of this shed in the Cambrian Mountain range, in mid-Wales is made from an upturned boat. Owner Alex Holland has kitted the shed out with a fridge, gas cooker and sound system.


And the 2010 winner, in Worthing, Essex.

Created entirely out of recycled materials, this shed "is a purpose built pirate's cabin built to look like the poop deck of a pirate ship moored at a Caribbean dock, complete with fully stocked koi carp pond and aviary - for those long hungry voyages."




The Rugby Pub, Suffolk. With a hammock and fully stocked bar, the owner writes: "No phone, no TV, no interruptions, no shortage of liquid refreshment, no inclination to go any where else and no need to."