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    Choose The Month You Were Born In And We'll Tell You Your Birthstone

    The ultimate thoughtful but easy gift.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    January: Garnet

    1. A rough garnet necklace that will go with anything.

    2. A simple but stunning blood-red ring.

    3. A dainty garnet bracelet that is light as a feather.

    February: Amethyst

    4. A long witchy necklace, perfect for layering.

    5. These sculptural druzy amethyst earrings.

    March: Aquamarine

    6. A dainty gold ring that is so stackable.

    7. A beautifully textured aquamarine ring.

    April: Diamond

    8. A rough black diamond bracelet that's timelessly elegant.

    9. A simple solitary diamond necklace that is super-easy to wear.

    May: Emerald

    10. A twinkling raw emerald bracelet.

    11. The sweetest little gold and emerald ring.

    12. A dainty trio of emeralds to sit on your wrist.

    June: Pearl

    13. These demure 9ct gold pearl studs.

    14. This incredible triple pearl creation that would be an incredible engagement ring.

    July: Ruby

    15. A chunky raw ruby necklace with some serious oomph.

    16. A half eternity ring that looks way more expensive than it is.

    August: Peridot

    17. A charming row of glittering peridots.

    18. These chunky and modern earrings in sterling silver.

    September: Sapphire

    19. A breathtaking blue ombré sapphire necklace.

    20. A statement geometric necklace with a tiny sapphire.

    October: Opal

    21. A lovely little opal and moon ring.

    22. An unusual pink opal ombré necklace.

    November: Topaz

    23. These mesmerizing topaz druzy studs.

    24. This incredibly chic multi-stone ring with brown and blue topaz.

    December: Blue Topaz

    25. A sculptural blue topaz ring in silver and gold.

    26. These cool as ice blue topaz earrings.

    27. And a showstopper ring that's fit for a princess.