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    18 Things You Need To Know About Drinking Coffee

    Bean there, done that.

    1. Don't keep your coffee in the fridge.

    2. You should keep your beans in the bag that they came in.

    3. Always choose beans over ground coffee.

    4. Before we break things down further, there are two main species of coffee.

    5. There's a huge difference between a light roast and a dark roast.

    6. And different places tend to prefer different roasts.

    7. As for terms like French roast and Italian roast – they're more traditional guidelines.

    8. You should always look for the roast date of the coffee you're buying.

    9. You should avoid civet coffee.

    10. There are reasons why instant coffee tastes bad.

    11. You should always try to grind your own beans.

    12. Soy milk is chemically predisposed to curdle in coffee.

    13. Technically, you can use an espresso roast in your Aeropress.

    14. As for a fool-proof recipe? We've got you covered.

    Here's a drip-brewing walk-through.

    1. Don't use boiling water. Prufrock recommend somewhere between 92-96°C. But of course this is all trial and error.

    2. Inspect your beans. Get rid of any that are pale and yellow. This means they haven't been picked when they're ripe.

    3.Grind your beans.

    4. Weigh out as much coffee as you'd like to brew. Remember, the brew ratio for pour-over is 60g per litre.

    5. Take your filter (and a dripper – we're using a Hario v60) and any jug you like.

    6. Rinse the filter.This isn't essential but will get rid of any papery taste to the water that comes through.

    7. Pour the coffee in.

    8. Dig a hole in the coffee in order to pre-wet it.

    10. Turn on your timer.

    11. Add about 3x water to coffee and stir, to allow the coffee to bloom.

    12. Pour all the water in.

    13. Stir again to make sure nothing sticks to the paper.

    14. Let all the water come out and then stir the coffee before you serve. Otherwise the stuff that comes out first will be stronger.

    *If you find that your cup isn't strong enough, you don't need to add more coffee; just grind your beans finer next time.*

    15. And you don't even need a coffee pot to immersion-brew.

    Follow steps 1-4 as above. For this method, Prufrock recommend 17g coffee per 250ml (or 68g/l).

    5. Add the coffee to the jug.

    6. Start your timer and add all the water in. There's no need to bloom here, just stir it really well for 10-20 seconds to stop the coffee from floating. You want water to go inside the grinds and to submerge them under the water.

    7. Steep for 4-7 minutes – however you like it. The longer you leave it, the more clarified it will become. But remember that it will never be as clear as a drip coffee. As there's no filter, this will be a bit cloudier.

    8. Don't stir it before you serve it, otherwise you will have some sludge. Use gravity to your advantage, and make sure not to pour out the last bit of the coffee.

    16. You don't need to buy a fancy machine to make good coffee at home.

    17. Know what flavours you like when you're shopping for coffee.

    18. And enjoy getting to know new roasters!