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    18 Cosy AF Bath Goals

    Splish splash.

    1. Dive into a dreamy pink tub.

    2. Embrace your elegant surroundings.

    3. Load your bathroom with lush greenery.

    4. Go for broke with a skyline view.

    5. Or soak your bones in a witchy den.

    6. Drape blossoms at the side of the tub.

    7. And keep the lights down with sparkly candles.

    8. Catch up on your reading.

    9. And make sure you have enough books to choose from.

    10. A bath-time snack is essential of course.

    11. Splash outside under a green canopy.

    12. Or gaze upon the great outdoors.

    13. Drape lace across the window and let light dapple on the water.

    14. Make a statement in a standalone tub.

    15. No matter where that might be.

    16. Tuck your tub under a staircase.

    17. Or let it stand out in the sunshine.

    18. And then soak to your heart's content.