9 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Bath Bombs

    1. The fresher they are, the faster they fizz.

    Bath bombs are pretty fucking dreamy.

    And they make taking a bath like swimming in a painting.

    So we asked the experts at Lush about everything bath bomb–related, from how to store them to how to get the colours to ~swirl~.

    1. "Do bath bombs expire?"

    2. "How long should I leave my bath bomb before getting in the bath?"

    3. "How do I make the colours of my bath bomb swirl?"

    4. "How do I get glitter off my bathtub?"

    5. "Can I wash my hair if I've got a bath bomb in the water?"

    6. "Can I use a bath bomb if I have sensitive skin?"

    7. "What is lustre? Why don't you use glitter?"

    8. "Are there any secret bath bomb projects on the cards?"

    9. "Is it possible to make a customisable bath bomb?"