15 Baby Elephants We Would Like To Be Best Friends With

It’s too exciting even imagining all the fun you could have with an elephant pal!

1. This guy, who’s practising his rhythmic gymnastics.

3. This clambering fella.

4. This one, who just loves when the leaves turn gold.

5. This one who’s unsure if it’s swimming weather yet.

6. This guy, who says the water’s just fine!

7. These scamps, who want to play elephant Jenga.

8. This guy, who’s gotten into a bit of a pickle.

9. This one, who’s in an awfully big hurry.

10. This one, who’s a bit worried by the rain.

11. This guy, who’s got the best joke to tell you.

12. This one, who’s just learned the rules of the road.

13. This chap, who wants to share lunch with you.

14. This guy, who’s in the middle of an important game of Hide and Seek.

15. This guy, who’s just mastered selfies.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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