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    15 Things To Buy Anyone Who Loves Avocados A Little Too Much

    Holy guacamole!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A kit that lets you grow your own avocado because yeah, money doesn't grow on trees, but avocados do.

    2. An all-avocado cookbook that will open up a whole new world of non-toast-based dishes.

    3. These festive socks that put forward a strong case to replace Brussels sprouts with Avocados at Christmas.

    4. These jammies that will order breakfast for you when you're too sleepy to think straight.

    5. This sheet mask that uses the magic (that's the technical term) of avocados to soothe your skin.

    6. This mug that reveals your true superpower. "How does she do it?", they wonder. "Avocados", she whispered, mysteriously.

    7. This adorable journal that will make you applaud and shout "bravocado!".

    8. An essential tool for making quick guacamole, and for easily removing the stones (the worst part of eating an avo IMO).

    9. These genius food huggers that will save your beloved 'dos from going prematurely brown.

    10. This jolly rug that serves no purpose other than to brighten up your day, and remind you to eat your greens.

    11. This dedicated guacamole bowl because you're a total guac-star.

    12. A duvet set so that you'll have sweet dreams of avocado based-desserts.

    13. These pencils that will provide you with inspo for your next five Instagram captions.

    14. This pin that will allow you to wear your literal heart on your sleeve.

    15. This print to hang in your office, that will remind you what you're working towards.