The Good News And Bad News About Autumn

Time to put away your summer clothes.

1. Good news: Everything is the most beautiful colour.

2. Bad news: It’s because all the leaves are dying.

3. Good news: Crisp walks in the park, crunching through leaves.

4. Bad news: You might step on a hedgehog.


5. Good news: You can snuggle up with a book.

6. Bad news: Cabin fever.

7. Good news: You can wrap up in cosy knits.

8. Bad news: But you’ll start sweating once you get indoors.

9. Good news: It’s so relaxing to look at the rain outside your window.

10. Bad news: You’re going to have to leave the house sometime.

11. Good news: It’s finally cold enough for a proper roast dinner.

12. Bad news: A summer of salads means instant food coma.

13. Good news: TV shows are back after the summer break.

14. Bad news: That means endless reality shows too.


15. Good news: It’s time for bonfires.

16. Bad news: Smoke in your eyes.

17. Good news: Hallowe’en is coming.

18. Bad news: Miley Cyrus costumes.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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