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14 Women Who Will Give You Post-Baby Body Goals

Because all bodies are beautiful. Thumbnail image via @coffeemomrepeat.

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1. This vision in gym gear: @clairepup

Instagram: @clairepup

"At the end of the day, I work out for me. I want to be strong, healthy, and happy because if I do it, then I'm the best version of myself, and in turn, the best mom I can be! So while some people might see my tiger stripes as ugly or gross, to me they prove that I am powerful, and that my body assisted God in a miracle and the ultimate act of strength and sacrifice."

2. This ab-tastic mama: @marilena_souvlitsa

Instagram: @marilena_souvlitsa

"I was scared my body would not recover after pregnancy, but through exercise, it went back to its former state. I just kept my diet healthy like I used to before pregnancy and during!"

4. This cutie: @plusmodel_demi

Instagram: @plusmodel_demi

"This photo has straight confidence all over it! I wasn't here a year ago, but I slowly started to realize that every curve, every stretch mark, and every dimple tells a story from my life. It makes me smile to think about the good and the bad, and then to see where I am now. This body is mine and I love every inch of it. I hope I can pass this confidence on to my daughter."


6. This queen via the Honest Body Project

Instagram: @thehonestbodyproject

"This photo is from my project, The Honest Body Project, which was part of the series After the Baby Is Born. You can see more here."

8. This mama: @abigaildpaulson

Abigail Paulson

"This picture is close to my heart mostly because I was so set on having a natural water birth. After finding out my son was breech, I had an emergency C-section. I was bummed, but all I cared about was that my baby was safe. After holding my newborn, nothing else mattered, and to this day I cherish my scar and show it off as much as possible! This is a scar of love, and it's my reminder of my firstborn. All scars are beautiful, and I encourage all moms to show off their postpartum bodies with pride!"


9. This fitfam mum: @_mommyfit

Instagram: @_mommyfit

"This picture represents a hardworking, determined new mom. I wanted a body that looked better to me than any body I've ever had before, and in three months of consistency and dedication I achieved just that."

11. This tattooed mom: @sapphire_art

Instagram: @sapphire_art

"After my pregnancy (and now still) I battled with postpartum depression and was unhappy with how my body changed inside and out. I always said that those stretch marks never bothered me, but they did, and still do. But this photo is important to me; it's the turning point. My body gave me the best thing in my life — my son!"


14. And this babe: @powertoprevail

Instagram: @powertoprevail

"This photo is important to me because this moment has nothing to do with what I look like, but instead my joy for the life that I have the absolute pleasure of living."

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