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    17 Times Agent Peggy Carter's Outfits Were So Good It Actually Hurt

    All in a day's work.

    1. Let's just start with this *flawless entrance.

    2. *buys sunglasses*

    3. This impeccable silk blouse.

    4. I mean, how do you go under cover?

    5. When did you last look this good doing a dairy inspection?

    6. Wearing a tartan suit, no big deal.

    7. Just two gals, trying to bring down the patriarchy, looking fly.

    8. What? You don't put your hair up at night?

    9. A casual lunchtime outfit.

    10. Perfect in peach.

    11. Brow game like woah.

    12. This maroon number, while hanging out with Howard Stark, fighting crime.

    13. Pinstripes have never looked so good.

    14. Let's just take a moment for this pink and navy dress that is very ~demure~ and elegant.

    15. Accessorize your KO with a briefcase!

    16. And take in this red lip.

    17. Because even during a war, with an actual explosion behind her, she looks immaculate.