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    17 Actually Genius Things To Bring To A Festival

    How to deal with portaloos and more.

    1. A 2L bottle of water.

    Picture the scene. You wake up, dry-mouthed in your hot-as-hell tent. You reach for your 1L bottle of Volvic but remember you last used it to transport a poorly mixed vodka-Diet Coke to the festival gates. If only you had something PURELY FOR WATER. If you're organised, make sure to bring a couple of big litre bottles of water to stash at camp. If you wanna splash out, you could buy a Camelbak and keep refilling it on site too.

    2. A basic first aid kit.

    Here's what it should contain: Suncream, plasters, anti-histamine cream (for bites), eye drops (yes this sounds excessive but when you sleep in contact lenses by accident you will praise this), antiseptic cream, painkillers.

    Because I am neurotically organised, I keep a pre-made mini first aid kit in a make-up bag for festivals. I also add a nail scissors or tweezers to mine, in case of fishing out splinters.

    3. Cartons of Ribena.

    Arrested Development / Fox

    Nothing sweeter or smugger for a festival hangover than snuggling back up in your sleeping back with a Ribena or a Rubicon while your neighbours forage at the food stalls.

    4. Energy bars.

    It's up to you how much you want to cook on-site, but I can never be bothered to try and drag a disposable BBQ/ campingstove around. A couple of energy bars will see you through, and then you can load up on yummy festival staples, like gravy and chips.

    5. An old mobile phone.

    Here I will make the case for the festival Blokia: An old Nokia phone will hold its battery well, will not rely on internet for messaging, and will get you from A-B. Yeah, it means your Insta game might suffer, but you'll always be able to get in touch with your friends.

    6. A portable phone charger.

    If you're bringing your smartphone, make sure to bring along a portable charger. I like this one so much that I bought it for my boyfriend too. But TK Maxx often has good deals so keep an eye out.

    7. Earplugs.


    Invaluable, not only if your tent-mate snores, but also if you want to catch a bit of kip in between sets. These foam ones are comfortable enough and come in multi-packs (because come on, you're going to lose at least one pair).

    8. Sleep mask.

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Same as above. In fact, if you're organised (if you are hi, I love you) then maybe you could grab the sleep mask and earplugs from a long-haul flight. If that's not on the horizon, I'm gonna go with this sleep mask from a website called the Snoozery. I mean if they don't know good snoozin', then who does?

    9. A camping mat.

    It's a field, which means that no matter how carefully you pitch your tent, you'll be lying on something uncomfortable. A ridged camping mat is great, or if you want to upgrade slightly, I own this and love it.

    10. Wellie socks.

    11. A hot shower.


    If you are at a festival and there are hot showers, then you should DO IT. Queue for 30 minutes on the Sunday morning, feel like a creature reborn for the last night. So worth it.

    12. A towel.

    I once had to dry off with a grubby t-shirt after having a hot shower at a festival. It was not pleasant. Bring a small towel, like Ford Prefect suggests. I like these ones.

    13. A headlamp.

    We're getting into dorky territory here, but do you know what is worth more than looking cool? Being able to find the toilet when it's pitch black. This one is currently on sale.

    14. A meeting point.


    So you can't technically pack this, but you can pre-arrange it! Designate a space to all meet up if you get separated. And if you want to be really organised, set a time to meet too ("let's meet by Pieminister at 4pm, and then 9pm").

    15. A cosy scarf.

    There's nothing worse than carting a duffle coat around, waiting for the temperatures to drop. But then being chilly is awful too. So average things out – get a large scarf and drape it over your shoulders to stop them getting burned in the day, then tuck it into your hoody at night.

    16. Extra tent pegs.

    You will always manage to lose some as the weekend goes on.

    17. Tissues and hand sanitiser.

    For obvious reasons.

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