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17 Actually Genius Things To Bring To A Festival

How to deal with portaloos and more.

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1. A 2L bottle of water.

Picture the scene. You wake up, dry-mouthed in your hot-as-hell tent. You reach for your 1L bottle of Volvic but remember you last used it to transport a poorly mixed vodka-Diet Coke to the festival gates. If only you had something PURELY FOR WATER. If you're organised, make sure to bring a couple of big litre bottles of water to stash at camp. If you wanna splash out, you could buy a Camelbak and keep refilling it on site too.

2. A basic first aid kit.

Here's what it should contain: Suncream, plasters, anti-histamine cream (for bites), eye drops (yes this sounds excessive but when you sleep in contact lenses by accident you will praise this), antiseptic cream, painkillers.

Because I am neurotically organised, I keep a pre-made mini first aid kit in a make-up bag for festivals. I also add a nail scissors or tweezers to mine, in case of fishing out splinters.

3. Cartons of Ribena.

Arrested Development / Fox

Nothing sweeter or smugger for a festival hangover than snuggling back up in your sleeping back with a Ribena or a Rubicon while your neighbours forage at the food stalls.

4. Energy bars.

It's up to you how much you want to cook on-site, but I can never be bothered to try and drag a disposable BBQ/ campingstove around. A couple of energy bars will see you through, and then you can load up on yummy festival staples, like gravy and chips.


5. An old mobile phone.

Here I will make the case for the festival Blokia: An old Nokia phone will hold its battery well, will not rely on internet for messaging, and will get you from A-B. Yeah, it means your Insta game might suffer, but you'll always be able to get in touch with your friends.

6. A portable phone charger.

If you're bringing your smartphone, make sure to bring along a portable charger. I like this one so much that I bought it for my boyfriend too. But TK Maxx often has good deals so keep an eye out.

7. Earplugs.


Invaluable, not only if your tent-mate snores, but also if you want to catch a bit of kip in between sets. These foam ones are comfortable enough and come in multi-packs (because come on, you're going to lose at least one pair).

8. Sleep mask.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Same as above. In fact, if you're organised (if you are hi, I love you) then maybe you could grab the sleep mask and earplugs from a long-haul flight. If that's not on the horizon, I'm gonna go with this sleep mask from a website called the Snoozery. I mean if they don't know good snoozin', then who does?


9. A camping mat.

It's a field, which means that no matter how carefully you pitch your tent, you'll be lying on something uncomfortable. A ridged camping mat is great, or if you want to upgrade slightly, I own this and love it.

10. Wellie socks.

Wellie rash is real. Pull your socks up high and stop chafing.

11. A hot shower.


If you are at a festival and there are hot showers, then you should DO IT. Queue for 30 minutes on the Sunday morning, feel like a creature reborn for the last night. So worth it.


14. A meeting point.


So you can't technically pack this, but you can pre-arrange it! Designate a space to all meet up if you get separated. And if you want to be really organised, set a time to meet too ("let's meet by Pieminister at 4pm, and then 9pm").

15. A cosy scarf.

There's nothing worse than carting a duffle coat around, waiting for the temperatures to drop. But then being chilly is awful too. So average things out – get a large scarf and drape it over your shoulders to stop them getting burned in the day, then tuck it into your hoody at night.