A Website For “Beautiful People Only” Thinks Britain Is The Ugliest Nation In The World

Hang on, what?

1. BeautifulPeople.com is a ‘global dating community’. For beautiful people.

2. To join the site, prospective members have to wait for 48 hours, while current members decide whether they’re attractive enough or not to be let in.

3. One in eight applications are successful.

4. And only 10 per cent of Britons that apply get in.

5. Only one Brit managed to make it into the site’s 2014 calendar.

This is Clare Travis-Punter, from Bournemouth.

She says, “I joined the site 18 months ago and loved the challenge of whether I would be accepted or not. Nearly a year and a half on, and I’ve been selected to appear in the site’s 2014 calendar. It’s all been very exciting. I’ve been dating a number of members some of whom I’ve stayed in contact with but am still looking to meet someone I really have a connection with.”

6. The managing director of Beautiful People told BuzzFeed:

“I put it down to the relaxed pub culture and a sedentary lifestyle prevalent in the UK. Instead of an outgoing beach culture as seen in Brazil or the West coast of the USA, Brits are happy with a pork pie and a pint!”

7. He continued, “Lets not forget that Brits lead the way as a nation when it comes to the consuming of alcohol and this boozing and lazy eating does not make for pretty people!”

The country with the most successful applicants to the site is Norway, with 51% success rate. Americans, meanwhile, have a 30% success rate.

8. Ok, sure.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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