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A Studio In New York Is Offering Naked Yoga Classes

Breathe deeply.

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The practice is based on being in tune with positive feelings about your body.

In a blog post, the instructors write: "Part of yoga is to honour and connect with your body. Practicing yoga naked frees you from negative feelings about your body and allows to to be more accepting and deeper connected with yourself and the world around you."


There is no sexual element to the class.

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The guidelines state that "sometimes teachers will incorporate partner work into their classes that involves touching and body contact between members. However, this is not to be 'sexual touching' and should any contact of sexual nature occur, it will not be tolerated and will result in the offending member being asked to leave. Anyone who has been asked to leave will not be allowed back to attend classes in the future."

Although normal bodily functions are embraced.

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In the FAQ, the issue of erections arises. "It rarely happens, but when it does it's okay and nothing to be embarrassed about. It will pass quickly. Erections happen for a lot of reasons and are not limited to sexual attraction. Yoga moves a lot of energy throughout the body and sometimes erections happen. But once we start moving, there is no way an erection could be sustained, because of the physical nature of Vinyasa Yoga."

And if relationships blossom, so be it.

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"The energy in the room is very clear and members who come to Bold & Naked are very focused on celebrating their bodies through yoga. We have no problem asking someone to leave if his or her behaviour is inappropriate." However, "one of the goals of Bold & Naked is to meet and get to know each other, but we are no hook up place by any stretch of the imagination."