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    A Pub That Serves Only Tea Could Come To London Soon

    Brew will serve tea during the day, and tea cocktails at night.

    Brew is a pub for tea.

    The pub will "take the twee out of tea", Alex explains.

    The idea ~brewed~ when Alex couldn't find a good cup of tea in London.

    The pub will serve foods that match with all kinds of tea.

    In the evening, the pub will serve tea cocktails, like these English Breakfast Martinis.

    Brew will work directly with small tea growers in India.

    There's been a great response to the project already.

    Is this real? Holy **** @brewteapub. God has answered the call!

    Brew raised 65% of their crowdfunding target in two weeks.

    "We could have raised the rest of the money through private finance, but this project is about helping people take pride in tea. By putting the word out there through crowdfunding, we found the right people who want to come to Brew, so they've got the opportunity to own part of Brew and to be evangelical", Alex adds.

    As for the future?

    If you'd like to crowdfund Brew, click here.

    You can also follow Brew on twitter - @brewteapub