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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    9 Products You Need If You Live With Other People

    Including a hair catcher for drains that will end all passive-aggressive notes in your home.

    Tim Lane/ BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Stop the shared dish-sponge from going gungey with a nifty solution.

    Promising review: "Only works for small sponges, but it does the job perfectly for me. I don't like the sponge lying around next to the sink and this gives it a place to stand whilst helping drain the water. Worth the price." – GM

    Get it on Amazon, £0.88

    2. Invest in a hair catcher for drains that will end passive-aggressive notes in your home.

    Promising review: "Don't know why I love this so much but I guess it's the sheer simplicity of the design, combined with the fact it's easy to use and works flawlessly. Remember you need a slightly recessed plug hole as the product needs to slide down inside the plug hole about an inch or 2." – P. Prince

    Get it on Amazon, £12.99

    3. Free up communal fridge space with these genius drawers.

    Promising review: "Purchased these to keep my husband's insulin vials and pens separated in the fridge. Very useful items for organising a full to bursting fridge." – Rishi

    Get it on Amazon, £7.49

    4. Redesign your bathroom with these no-drill-required bathroom shelves that will boost your shared storage.

    Promising review: "This was £20 well spent. These shelves will greatly increase your bathroom storage space if you don't want to start drilling into your walls. I placed mine over the toilet exactly as illustrated in the photo, but you could put them almost anywhere and of course they don't have to be in the bathroom. Instructions on the back of the box are basic, but it's straightforward to figure out and I had these up in 10 minutes. The poles are metal and the shelves are plastic but they look quite smart and all-in-all the quality of the fittings was better than I was expecting. Don't count on storing heavy items on these – you'll see why when you see how the shelves are held up – but for putting lightweight bathroom bits'n'bobs, bottles, toilet roll etc on they're absolutely perfect. The sort of product that has you thinking: "Why didn't I do that before?" – J Lehman

    Get them on Amazon, £22.99

    5. Save your nostrils with this genius spray that takes away noxious toilet smells.

    Promising review: "This make a big difference in a small space. Bought this for our downstairs toilet which has no window. The extractor fan is ok, but can't always deal with the aftermath of use! However, this toilet spray leaves it smelling fresh. It's great. I have even bought a smaller one to take with me if I go visiting other people's homes. You can go with confidence of leaving it smelling as fresh as it was when you went in." – Mrs Tracy Mills

    Get it on Amazon, £9.30

    6. Curb confusion with a simple doorway organizer, so everyone knows where their keys are.

    Promising review: "Quite a sturdy letter and key rack. The plastic is fairly thick and the tray itself is a good size and even larger letters would fit inside. The 5 key hooks are also a good size and could fit a couple of bunches on each hook. you will however need a drill to attach it to the wall." – BibbidiBobbidiBoo

    Get it on Amazon, £8.74

    7. Split the cost of a heated airer that means you'll never have to take someone else's damp boxers off the radiator.

    Promising review: "What a fantastic buy. I dithered about buying this airer, unsure if it would really work or if I would use it. Since arriving I have used it every day and just love not seeing wet washing hanging over the radiators. The airer is so efficient and happily holds one load of washing, drying it in about 6 hours. I turn it once and also throw an old duvet cover over the whole thing to keep in the heat. It's such a gentle way to dry the washing when it can't go outside. The appliance is sturdy but so light and easy to fold. Well done Lakeland." – Mrs Lewis

    Get it at Lakeland, £109.99

    8. Light a chef's candle to banish bad cooking odours. £7.99

    Promising review: "Amazing product – wasn't too sure how effective it would be but it's brilliant at taking away kitchen smells – including pan fried fish!" – Julian Hinton

    Get it on Amazon, £7.99

    9. Make cleaning the floors an adventure with these amazing mopping slippers.

    Promising review: "Perfect item for what I wanted it for (drying my kitchen floor) which is tiled. Only advice is make sure you wash them prior to first use or you get little bits everywhere. They fitted perfectly over my shoes and did a great job at drying the floors. Would definitely recommend and buy again." – Annemarie140988

    Get it on Amazon, £1.53

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