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    7 Things You Deserve To Do For Yourself This Week

    Start the week off right.

    1. Try to start your lists with "I can", not "to do".

    Ailbhe Malone

    I know this sounds lame, but it makes such a difference. I started doing this recently, and tasks that seemed like they were hunting me down became things that I could choose to do.

    And if you're looking for new stationery, I can recommend Kikki K for cute and affordable planners and pens.

    2. Start your day properly with a nice cup of tea.

    Sian Butcher/ BuzzFeed UK

    Make time for yourself first thing – brewing a cuppa doesn't take long (flick the switch to the kettle while you hop in the shower, pour the water over the teabag and let it brew while you dry your hair, then sit down and enjoy it). If you're alert enough, you could think about the day ahead. Or if you're like me, just sit quietly and drink the tea until you feel like a human person again.

    If you're short on time in the mornings, why not invest in a travel cup? I've been trialling a couple, and find Frank Green good for coffee but they don't keep tea warm enough. The best tea one I've found so far is from Primark! (If you have suggestions, let me know in the comments.)

    3. Take a couple of minutes to stretch.


    Here are some simple stretches to get you started.

    4. Add one to thing to your workspace that makes you smile.

    Lynzy Billing/BuzzFeed / Via

    This could be a fun background for your computer (a comic by Naoise Dolan is my current one), a little cactus (they are impossible to kill) or even a mug that you like to use. If you're feeling brave, you could even try to DIY your own pencil holder.

    5. Put aside some time to just stare out of the window, and allow your brain to rest.

    Katrin Davis/ BuzzFeed

    Allow your mind to wander. Or if you're the kind of person that finds it hard to switch off, use a different part of your brain to enjoy a game you've never played before.

    6. Turn your bedroom into the cosiest nest.

    7. And take this quiz, which will tell you just how wonderful you are.

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