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7 Tiny Changes To Make This Week

You deserve it.

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1. Make your phone a happier place.

Whenever I'm feeling down, I look at my stupid phone wallpaper (it's that really chill, smiling shiba inu on the right) and I always feel better. Whether it's a photo of your own dog (this particular shibe is just from googling "happy dog" – my methods may be crude but they are effective) or even your significant other – make your phone background bring a smile to your face.

If you're someone who needs a bit of persuasion to put your phone down, then these backgrounds may be for you.

2. Start your mornings on the right foot.

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Even though I am the world's most impatient person, I like to meditate in the morning. Spending even three minutes doing this really helps me chill out and settle into the day. I use this app, which rewards you with stickers (I am pathetically driven by these stickers, so much so that I once got up especially early and meditated before 7am to win the Early Riser award).

Or if you'd rather get more tangible inspiration, why not try a motivational speech?

"This isn't something I've been doing, but my mate was telling me about it yesterday (and I think I might start). Every day on his way to work he listens to motivational speeches – particularly ones that talk about handling fear. He say it helps him every day to reinforce the notion that he can literally do anything that he sets his mind to, and this helps him get through his tough job but also keeps him focused on the things he wants to do in the next five years – in his case start his own business." – Remee Patel

3. If zen isn't your thing, then download the Rock's wake-up call.

Instagram: @therock

Like any person with a heart, I love the Rock. And now he's got an alarm clock app! He sings "Good Morning Sunshine" to you! What more do you need to know?

Read a review here.


4. Figure out what makes you tick.

Instagram: @buzzfeeduk

"I tracked my time for a week last year after reading I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam, and I just started doing it again. You just download her spreadsheet (you need to sign up to her mailing list to get it, or just make your own) and write down how you spend each half hour of the day.

"It sounds a bit intense, but it's not supposed to be a long-term thing. It really helps me figure out how I actually spend my time – at work and outside of it – and how much free time I have, even though it doesn't always feel like it. Once you know how you're spending your time right now, you can start to see how you could change it to fit what you'd like to be doing. And although the idea isn't to make you work more efficiently, just knowing that I'm going to have to fill in the log definitely makes me think more carefully about how I spend my time." – Kelly Oakes

Or if you're not as organised as Kelly, Natalya recommends this app:

"The app Forest basically saved my dissertation! It costs 69p and you plant a digital tree. You set a timer and the tree grows during that time. If you close the app the tree dies and you have a tiny skeleton left that makes you feel awfully guilty.

"It just stops you from using your laptop unless you want to face dead-tree guilt. I always worked in the library so I would be too self-conscious to check social media other than on my phone, so it made me so productive. You just have to be a little strict with yourself and not cheat." – Natalya Lobanova

5. Send yourself a present in the post.

Chelsey Pippin/BuzzFeed

A subscription box is the nicest small treat to receive. The downside? Some of them are a little expensive – especially when they don't factor in monthly postage.

Here are some that I think are worth the price: Pact Coffee (coffee), Prudence and the Crow (books), Papergang (stationery), and Birchbox (makeup).

And for more inspo:

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6. Buy a pack of postcards and send them to friends.

Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

Or if you don't want to commit to that much, why not ask a friend to send you one? I love these postcards of Penguin covers.

If you want bonus points, you could even send them postcards from your home town. Once Jim sent me a postcard from York's railway museum that was pretty special.

7. Bask in the cuteness of this photo.

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