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7 Easy And Fun Things To Try Out This Week

Time to look on the bright side.

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1. If you have 3 minutes: Play white noise alongside your music.


My friend Muireann passed on this tip to me. If you work in a busy space and find that general hustle and bustle is still audible through your headphones, then sync up some white noise on YouTube.

I like to play this one, and have music on Spotify. It means that I can concentrate more easily and don't get distracted by half-heard conversations.

2. If you have 5 minutes: Indulge in a really decent cup of tea.

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You don't have to spend big money on this – it could be as simple as buying the kind of teabags you like, instead of relying on PG Tips. Or if you're a PG Tips fan, why not try out some tea and biscuit pairings? There's a great guide here that advocates some fancier options, like Earl Grey tea and lavender biscuits, as well as breakfast tea and digestives.

If you feel like splashing out, then I love Good and Proper Tea – they have a shop in London, but also sell online. Their Darjeeling blend is delicious, and only £8 for a big bag.

3. If you have 10 minutes: Play Sea Hero Quest.

This fun, free app helps scientists with dementia research.

Here's the backstory: "One of the first symptoms of dementia is loss of navigational skills. Doctors cannot differentiate between getting lost caused by disease and getting lost caused by natural ageing because a benchmark of 'normal' does not exist." So the app focuses on navigation-based memory games in order to track the data anonymously and create a benchmark.

It was created in collaboration with University College London, the University of East Anglia, and Alzheimer’s Research, so you can know that your gaming is doing some good in the world.


4. If you have 15 mins: Listen to a chapter of an audiobook.

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I hate signing up for new things. I loathe alerts on my phone with a passion, so am lazy about updating apps or downloading new ones. But I wanted to try out audiobooks with no commitment.

I learned a couple of things: Audible gives you approximately 10 free, downloadable sample chapters without having to create an account, Spotify has loads of free, downloadable classic audiobooks (I'm currently listening to White Fang), and there are also loads of audiobooks on YouTube. A whole new world!

5. If you have 20 minutes: Watch a beloved movie from your childhood.


I'm not saying that you should watch Hercules in 2- minute increments, but if you're having a crummy day then quickly YouTubing or Netflixing a scene or two or listening to the soundtrack on Spotify (look, it's been a long week) might well perk you up.

6. If you have 30 minutes: Try out creative journalling.


I know that bullet journals seem intimidating and nonsensical, but when my friend Tabatha started using one, I was intrigued. And then my colleague in America posted a how-to for dummies and I was even more interested. And in the spirit of not worrying about getting things 100% right every time, I have begun, cautiously, to try it out. And it's fun!

If you'd like to join in, the how-to piece is a good place to get started.

7. If you have 30 seconds: Watch this Vine.

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