5 Baby Penguins Who Are Learning How To Swim

It’s back to school for penguins too.

1. The five baby Humboldt penguins at Chester Zoo are off to school.

Chester Zoo

2. They’re learning how to swim, hunt and feed in water.

Chester Zoo

3. The Doctor, Dalek, Tardis and Gallifrey are all five months old. Sonic is three months old.

Chester Zoo

In case it’s not clear, they’re all named after icons from Doctor Who.

4. Lead keeper Anne Morris said: “The chicks, which are the penguin equivalent of toddlers, have settled into our penguin crèche really well indeed.”

Chester Zoo

5. Keeper Karen Neech added, “Dalek, Tardis and Gallifrey are showing a great appetite for learning but The Doctor is of course top of the class.”

Chester Zoo

“Sonic is a little further behind the others but given a few more lessons, we’re sure he’ll catch up.”

6. Watch the penguins in their training below:

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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