24 Ways To Have The Ultimate Burns Night Supper

    Make the 25th of January the best yet.

    1. Recycle Tartan wreathes from Christmas to decorate the house.

    2. Use a tartan blanket as a table-cloth.

    3. Accessorize with a beautiful vintage thistle brooch.

    4. If you don't have access to heather, you can buy wild heather easily online.

    5. Go vintage with your tartan.

    6. For a more subtle approach, try tartan nails.

    7. Or these Robert Burns cufflinks.

    8. Get kids involved with "Burns For Wee Folk".

    9. Make a Haggis splatter painting.

    10. Or craft pompom thistles.

    11. Make sure you know the order of ceremonies.

    12. Raise a dram with a Bobby Burns cocktail.

    13. Or try one of these delicious whisky cocktails.

    14. Decorate the bottles on the table with these printable kilts.

    15. Wrap cutlery in tartan ribbons - or napkins.

    16. Branch out with Venison or Three Bird Haggis.

    17. Or try a home-made vegetarian alternative.

    18. If you're not keen on haggis, try Cock-a-Leekie soup.

    If you're vegetarian, you can make Mock a Leekie soup. Find the recipe here. And there's a 5:2 diet-friendly recipe here.

    19. For dessert, what about a Cranachan cupcake?

    20. Or how about a twist on a trifle?

    Find the recipe for a Tipsy Laird Trifle here.

    21. Or just make your own tablet.

    22. And of course a Scottish cheeseboard is a must.

    23. Print out these useful diagrams to keep everyone organized.

    24. And for a parting gift, what could be better than Tunnocks' origami (red red) roses.

    Found out how here.