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    24 Ways To Have The Ultimate Burns Night Supper

    Make the 25th of January the best yet.

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    1. Recycle Tartan wreathes from Christmas to decorate the house.

    Tip via the How To Home.

    2. Use a tartan blanket as a table-cloth.

    3. Accessorize with a beautiful vintage thistle brooch.

    On Etsy.

    4. If you don't have access to heather, you can buy wild heather easily online.

    Like here.

    5. Go vintage with your tartan.

    6. For a more subtle approach, try tartan nails.

    See the tutorial here.

    7. Or these Robert Burns cufflinks.

    8. Get kids involved with "Burns For Wee Folk".

    Buy it on Amazon.

    9. Make a Haggis splatter painting.

    Directions here.

    10. Or craft pompom thistles.

    11. Make sure you know the order of ceremonies.

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    BBC have a really helpful guide here.

    12. Raise a dram with a Bobby Burns cocktail.

    Find the recipe here.

    13. Or try one of these delicious whisky cocktails.

    14. Decorate the bottles on the table with these printable kilts.

    15. Wrap cutlery in tartan ribbons - or napkins.

    16. Branch out with Venison or Three Bird Haggis.

    Available from supermarkets, and also online.

    17. Or try a home-made vegetarian alternative.

    From left to right. Vegetarian Haggis (recipe), Vegetarian Haggis Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe), Vegan Haggis (recipe)

    18. If you're not keen on haggis, try Cock-a-Leekie soup.

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    If you're vegetarian, you can make Mock a Leekie soup. Find the recipe here. And there's a 5:2 diet-friendly recipe here.

    19. For dessert, what about a Cranachan cupcake?

    Find a recipe here.

    20. Or how about a twist on a trifle?

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    Find the recipe for a Tipsy Laird Trifle here.

    21. Or just make your own tablet.

    Find the recipe here.

    22. And of course a Scottish cheeseboard is a must.

    This one is made up of Loch Arthur Cheddar, Criffel, Lanark Blue and Carola.

    23. Print out these useful diagrams to keep everyone organized.

    24. And for a parting gift, what could be better than Tunnocks' origami (red red) roses.

    Found out how here.