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    24 Signs You Were A Teenage Boyzone Obsessive

    No. 1: "Father and Son" still makes you cry.

    1. Boyzone was your life.

    2. From their first appearance, you were hooked.

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    3. You knew everything about every member.

    4. From their birthdays. / Via BuzzFeed

    5. To their middle names. / Via BuzzFeed

    6. To the jobs they had before Boyzone.

    7. You memorised their signatures.

    And practiced so that your signature would match theirs for when you were married.

    8. You argued with your friends about who got to marry who.

    "But I love Ronan!" "I love Ronan more, you can have Keith". I have a cassette tape at home of me and my two best friends having this exact fight.

    9. You had a Boy Zone membership card.

    10. You knew the dance to "A Different Beat."

    Eee-ay-oh. Eee-ay-oh.

    11. You saw the Mr Bean Movie because there was a Boyzone song in it.

    12. You liked B*Witched and Buffalo G, because Shane's sisters were in those bands.


    13. You loved that they knew cool and trendy celebs.

    14. As you got older, you watched Keith on Coronation Street.

    15. And you followed Ronan's solo career dutifully.

    16. You watched Mikey in Dancing On Ice.


    17. You supported Shane's driving career.

    18. You were delighted when Stephen announced his civil partnership.

    MJ Kim/Staff / Via Getty

    19. When they re-united you were beside yourself with glee.

    ShowBizIreland/Stringer / Via Getty

    20. And you obviously bought tickets to the reunion shows.

    Getty Images

    21. And loved it.

    22. No matter where they were.

    23. And although you still can't believe that this is real.

    24. You'll stay a Boyzone fan forever.

    Brendon Thorne/Stringer / Via Getty

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