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    22 Reasons Devon Is Glorious

    It's not just cider. Well, there is some cider.

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    1. There's more to Devon than hippies and cider, you know.

    2. Totnes has one of the most successful local currencies in the UK.

    The pound is part of transition town Totnes: which is basically a group of people readying us for economic and social meltdown by making everything local. The pound is accepted at 70 outlets in the town - and not just crystal shops.

    3. We've got a scientific pedigree. Charles Babbage, the Father of the Computer grew up in Teignmouth.

    4. Our musical output is excellent too. Muse? They're from Teignmouth.

    5. Ben Howard is from Totnes.

    6. Metronomy are from Totnes too.

    7. And they know how good Torquay can look in the sunshine.

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    8. It's no wonder Torbay is called 'The English Riviera'.

    9. Jennifer Saunders lives on Dartmoor.

    10. As does Rik Mayall.

    11. Not forgetting about the Beast of Dartmoor.

    12. And the Dartmoor ponies.

    13. Climbing the Tors is epic.

    14. We know the correct way to eat a cream tea.

    Channel 4

    Cream on first, obviously.

    15. And our pasties are the best.

    16. Homity Pie is gurt lush.

    17. So is our cider.


    And our cheese. And our wine.

    18. Not forgetting Ambrosia.

    19. We host the International Worm Charming Festival each year. Which has the best website ever.

    20. The train journey between Exeter and Newton Abbot is truly beautiful.

    21. It's no wonder the Grockles visit by the thousands.

    22. Who could blame them? As it begins to get dimpsy, you wonder why you'd ever visit anywhere else.

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