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21 Times Gromit Was The Best Pet Ever


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1. When he knitted in bed.

2. When he pretended to be a table.

3. When he graduated from university.

4. When he read quietly.

5. When he brushed up on electronics.

6. When he showed his love of classic Russian literature.

7. When he explored Greek philosophy.

8. When he took the wheel so Wallace could read.

9. When he practiced his shuffling.

10. When he rustled up some dinner.

11. When he met Zayn Malik.

12. When he got cross with a mucky sheep.

13. When he put up with jam in his face.

14. When he made sure Wallace got up in time.

16. When he learned to fly.

17. When he doffed his cap.

18. When he made a nice hot cup of tea.

20. When he defended the homestead.

21. When he found true love.