21 Reasons To Celebrate Ten Years Of McFly

McFly for life.

1. It’s been ten years of McFly!

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2. A fact they reminded us of in “McFly: The Musical”.


3. They’ve come so far since “Five Colours In Her Hair”.

4. It’s hard to believe that the King of the Jungle once looked like this.


5. And that a Strictly champ once held a different kind of ball.


6. Who could have foreseen this cheeky monkey’s journey from popstar to opera-star?


7. And in 2003, McBusted was but a faint dream.

8. Now they’re all grown up and their weddings are so sweet.


Watch Tom’s full speech here.

10. But they were always sweet.


11. And daft.


12. And seriously talented.

They’ve written for One Direction twice (“Lies”,”Don’t Forget Where You Belong”).

13. In fact, Tom’s kind of a genius.


Via this blog.

14. And Danny’s got a secret sideline as DJ.

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Watch a video of his set here.

15. And Harry gave himself a heart problem for charity. Technically.

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16. Let’s not forget their great tradition of Attitude covers.


17. They support younger boybands.

18. And though they’ve had their personal issues.

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Tom has admitted to suffering from bipolar affective disorder, and has also described his struggles with his weight and obsessive dieting. Dougie spent time in rehab due to a drink and drugs problem.

19. They’re still a family at heart.


20. Their fans are part of that family too.


21. Why is why once a galaxy defender, always a galaxy defender.

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