21 Cute Facts You Really Ought To Know About Ed Sheeran

Everything you need to know about your favourite redhead.

1. He built up his career on his live shows.

2. But he never expected things to turn out the way they did.

3. His ambitions are simple.

“I’ve always said that I wanna be known as the nicest and hardest working guy in the industry, so if I could be known as that that would be brilliant.”

5. He chose Rupert Grint to be in the video for “Lego House”.


6. This is what he looked like as a kid.

7. He gave Harry Styles a tattoo of a padlock.


Sheeran wrote “Little Things” for One Direction.

8. He’s very good at holding babies.

9. “Small Bump” is a true story.

Sheeran wrote about his friends losing a child. “I wrote it from their perspective. It was my perspective looking on them to begin with. It’s quite a touchy subject, so I wrote it from the perspective of actually being the parent.”

10. And so is “The A Team”.

“I did a gig at a homeless shelter, and it was about one of the women there. It’s her story. Well, the song itself was written all about her story, so the song is about a drug-addicted homeless woman.”

11. His fans are called Sheerios.

12. He’s besties with Example.

The pair have previously toured together.

15. He’s got a Nando’s black card.

“I’ve got one, yeah. It’s sick. I got it a couple of months ago and I’ve been rinsing it. I always go for medium, though. I like to enjoy my food rather than just challenging myself. I mean I can handle it, but I can’t handle the next day, when, er, you know, it resurfaces.”

16. He’s a fan of stubble - for a reason.

He told the Telegraph, “I look about 12 when I shave.”

17. He’s got ‘over a hundred’ tattoos.

Including: Pingu, Puss in Boots, the phrase ‘Festina Lente’, a family tree, and a section of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

18. He’s got some controversial opinions on Game of Thrones.

On who will win the Iron Throne: “I think everyone thinks that Daenerys Targaryan’s gonna take it, and I think she’s a bit too kind. I think Joffrey’s gonna keep it cuz he’s just a nasty piece of work.”

19. There is a second duet with Taylor Swift.

“We did three songs, and recorded two, and one went on her album, which is the next single.But we’ll see what happens with the other one, there’s no specific plan so far, it’s just chilling on my iTunes right now. It’s on my phone.”

20. He sees all his songs in colours.

“All my songs have colours…”You Need Me I Don’t Need You” for example is “aubergine”. It’s a sad song about struggling.”

21. And he loves you too.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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