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19 Things That Will Forever Be Embarrassing

Don't look at me.

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1. Buying toilet paper.

2. Calling the teacher 'Mum'.

3. Missing your beat exiting a revolving door.

4. Forgetting to push the button in the lift, so you stay on the same floor.

5. Buying tampons.

6. Buying condoms.

7. Realising at the cash register that you are 10p short on cash.

8. Realising that your fly is down.

9. When someone spots you singing along to the car radio.

10. Hitting 'Reply all' on an email by mistake.

11. Spilling a drink on your lap so that it looks like you've wet yourself.

12. Realising you've got something stuck in your teeth too late.

13. Getting undressed at the doctor's.

14. Getting changed next to the naked guy at the gym.

15. Having to use the proper lingo when ordering at Starbucks.

16. Taking a sip of a drink and immediately realising it is too strong for you.

17. When a problem inexplicably stops the moment an expert arrives to fix it.

18. Missing your step on an escalator.

19. Tripping over in the street.

How do you acknowledge it?


Do you just pretend it hasn't happened?

Because it has. There you are. On the floor. Embarrassed.