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19 Reasons Having A Sister Seems Awesome

Girls rule, boys drool.

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1. I don't have a sister. But I'd sure like one. They seem so helpful.

2. And so sophisticated.

3. Sisters are so much more graceful than brothers.

4. We could combine our interests.

5. And of course we'd support each other.

6. We'd trust each other.

7. That's the sister code, right?

8. We would obviously gossip together too.

9. Sisters seem to be so in touch with their emotions.

10. We would speak without words.

11. Our eyes would say it all.

12. We could share clothes.

13. And just hang out together at home.

14. And our hallowe'en costumes would be perfect.

15. Our photographs would be a composite of perfection.

16. We would have the best in-jokes.

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17. In fact, our dual charisma would probably make us stars.

18. Our sisterly glow would set Hollywood alight.

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19. But despite our astonishing level of poise and fame, we'd never forget where our loyalties lay.