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    18 Bars Around The World You Must Visit Before You Die

    Drink like a local, wherever you go.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favourite bars around the wolrd. Here are the results!

    1. Mr Fogg's Residence, London, UK

    2. The Office, Chicago, USA

    "It’s a speakeasy located in Chicago. Everything from the service to the atmosphere to the drinks are amazing. Be prepared to spend some major $$$$, but well worth it." – melissad

    3. Dead Rabbit, NYC, USA

    Facebook: pg

    "The Dead Rabbit in NYC. Possibly the best place I’ve been in the USA." –taraf

    4. Life Is Beautiful, Brussels, Belgium

    5. Bugsy's Bar, Prague, Czech Republic

    Facebook: BugsysBarPrague

    "It’s a super classy little place, with some of the most fantastic combinations of drinks (they have a floral, rose-flavored cocktail that’s to die for). The best part, however, is because the Czech currency exchange rate is so low, four drinks between two people costs a fraction of what similar caliber lounges would cost in places such as London, New York, or other major cities. Everyone who goes to Prague needs to have at least one drink there, and I tell all of my friends about it whenever someone I know goes." – gretcheno3

    6. Mather's Social Gathering, Orlando, USA

    Deon M Cooper/ Facebook: pg

    "Mather’s Social Gathering in Orlando! Coolest speakeasy with amazing cocktails." – siobhanh

    7. Rick's Café, Negril, Jamaica

    Facebook: rickscafejamaica

    "That place is so bomb with live reggae music playing at one of the most beautiful spots to see the sunset on the Island. The drinks were really good and watching the local cliff-divers put on a show was something!" – sarasoks

    8. Callooh Callay, London, UK

    9. Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh, UK

    Facebook: WhistleBinkiesEdinburgh

    "Awesome atmosphere, great beer ( trust me, I am German) and the staff is really nice and fun." – sabrinaliebtweihnachten

    10. Portland Hunt and Alpine Club, Maine, USA

    Facebook: pg

    "It's a Scandinavian bar in a beautiful space with incredible drinks." – deeringdahling

    11. McGreevy's, Boston, USA

    Facebook: NufCedMcGreevys

    "It's also part-owned by Dropkick Murphys, which is just... cool." – ethantbale

    12. The Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK

    The Edgbaston, Trip Advisor

    "The drinks are amazing, the staff are friendly and the decor is beautiful. Me and my girlfriend go there fairly often and have made friends with most of the bartenders. The bartenders are some of the best in the country and it’s just an amazing place for a friendly experience and an amazingly crafted drink. " –joshuad

    13. Fontaine's, London, UK

    Tigz Rice Studios

    "This wonderful Art Deco bar is surprisingly affordable, thanks to its £5 Thursday deal, where a selected range of yummy cocktails are £5 all night. If it's on, I'd go for a Charlie Chaplin: an old-school cocktail with sloe gin and plenty of lime." – Ailbhe Malone

    14. The Beer Cave, Valetta, Malta

    15. Safe House, Milwaukee, USA

    16. Jazz Story, Seoul, South Korea

    Jazz Story

    "There’s live music every night and the interior has a cool industrial vibe since it was built with recycled materials (like airplane seats from the 90’s)" – kratta95

    17. Pat O'Brien's, New Orleans, USA

    Facebook: pg

    "I know it's touristy, but the piano bar at Pat O’Briens in New Orleans! Awesome service. Hurricanes and Mint Juleps are to die for. Great entertainment. Went there every night I was in New Orleans." – ashbolson

    18. Crocodile Lounge, NYC, USA

    "Crocodile Lounge on E. 14th St in NYC. Free pizza with every beer purchase. A guy just keeps making them in the back. Amazing." – Lauren Babson via Facebook

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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    McGreevey's doesn't sell PBR. An earlier version of this article said it did.