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    16 Things You Read In Every Horoscope

    Look to the stars.

    1. "You have untapped potential."

    2. "If you are single, your new partner's name will begin with a letter of the alphabet".

    3. "You are feeling restless."

    4. "You will see a close friend in a different way."

    5. "You have a choice to make."

    6. "Love/luck will call at 5pm."

    7. "A surprising revelation awaits you."

    8. "You have challenges to overcome."

    9. "There is conflict with a family member".

    10. "Your dreams hold the secret to your worries."

    11. "The moon will guide you."

    12. "A plan you had in mind takes form."

    13. "A wish will be fulfilled, but not in an expected way."

    14. "Friday brings a reward."

    15. "The heavens will lead you to the answer."

    16. "Today is your day."

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