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15 British Photos That Just Can't Be Explained

Hang on, what is happening.

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1. This unbothered pair.

John Hinde Collection / Via

2. This intrepid pig.

RAF Musuem / Via

3. This chap struggling with toothpaste in London.

Hans Hammarskiold / Via

4. This noble suffragette.

5. These dapper gents in the sea.

The Mick Twyman Collection / Via

6. These soldiers who are brandishing rakes.

Wellcome Collection / Via Creative Commons

7. These accessorized neighbours.

The Imperial War Museum / Via

8. This blithe Prince and guilty corgi.

Clarence House / Via Reuters

9. These privileged ducklings.

10. This tiny tiny shop.

11. Alfred Hitchcock directing the MGM Lion.

Clarence Sinclair Bull/ / Via

12. This totally normal road crossing.

Central Office of Information / Via

13. These Welsh women at tea.

14. These amateur cyclists.

15. This toddler, who has seen it all.