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15 Woodland Animals Who Are Delighted Summer Has Arrived

At long last, Britain is basking in sunshine. About time too.

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1. This gardener, who is so pleased that his floral borders are finally in bloom.

2. This chap, who's sorry he forgot to get you a 99 at the ice-cream van.

3. This fella, who wonders if it's dry enough for a picnic yet.

4. This pal, who might just stay in the shade for a bit, if that's OK.

5. This skeptic, who's sure that's a grey cloud in the sky.

6. This fluffster, who can't believe how much they're charging for deckchair rental.

7. This guy, who's trying to remember where in the garage he stored the badminton rackets.

8. This gal, who is going to give Sun-In another go this year, even though she knows it turns her ginger.

9. This anxious bunny, who wants to make sure you've bought your sun-cream.

10. This bon viveur who is delighted it's finally time to order rosé at dinner.

11. This squirrel, who is starting work on her bikini body, one snack at a time.

12. This gym buff, whose summer plans are basically GTL, on repeat.

13. This lil badger, who is about to buy his first pair of summer sandals.

14. This cub, who is dreading hayfever season.

15. And this guy, who's already packed for his holidays.