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An Exclusive First Look At London's New Cereal Cafe

An exclusive first look at Cereal Killer in Brick Lane.

1. It will be open day and night.

2. It's well priced.

3. Rare cereal fans, you're in luck.

4. The idea for the cafe came from a brainwave.

5. The decor is full of vintage cereal paraphernalia.

6. Cereal is everywhere, even in the artwork.

7. There are cereal cocktails, like the Choco-pottamus.

8. And the Double Rainbow.

9. There's plenty of cereal-themed merch.

10. Including high-end items.

11. And there are plenty of cereal-themed sweet treats.

12. Or this Rice Krispies Victoria Sponge.

13. The cafe has generated worldwide interest.

14. And as for next year?

15. So what are you waiting for?


16. Get on down and visit!


Find Cereal Killer on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.