15 Revolting Hangover Cures From History


    1. Ancient Greece: Boiled cabbage.

    2. Ancient Rome: Raw owl's eggs and fried canary.

    3. Ancient Egypt: Put a spell on some beer.

    4. Mesopotamian: Licorice.

    5. Assyrians: Ground up swallow beak.

    6. Middle ages: Raw eel.

    7. 1600s: Goddard's Drops.

    8. 1600s: Juice of Tree Ivy squirted up the nostrils.

    9. 1700s: Thyme.

    10. 1800s: Soot.

    11. 1824: Vinegar around the temples.

    A helpful hangover cure, from The Medical Adviser - pour vinegar down the afflicted's throat, and rub it in the temples too. If this didn't work, then a bucket of water over the head.

    12. 1853: D.R. Harris Pick Me Up Tonic.

    13. 1878: Prairie Oyster.

    14. 1881: Peppermint water.

    15. 1938: Coca-Cola and milk.

    All images via The British Library under Creative Commons unless otherwise stated.