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    15 Reasons Why Bernese Mountain Dogs Are The Ideal Pets

    The cutest and fluffiest pups known to man.

    1. They have noses which are just calling out to be booped.

    2. They can withstand mighty gales.

    3. They are brave and noble adventurers.

    4. They are masters of subterfuge and disguise.

    5. They are clean and tidy pups.

    6. They can pull off any type of hat.

    7. They invented mountaineering.

    8. They know how to dress for a fancy occasion.

    9. They are dedicated trailblazers.

    10. They're also big ol' couch potatoes.

    11. They know how to find the perfect autumn leaf.

    12. They can do glamour shots at a moment's notice.

    13. They are perhaps the cutest and fluffiest pups known to man.

    14. They are perfect adult dogs too.

    15. And they're even better in pairs.