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    15 Places Every Pizza Lover Must Visit

    Time to make some pizza pilgrimages.

    After exhaustive research, the writers of Where to Eat Pizza have selected the best places to eat pizza in the world. Full disclosure: I contributed to the London sections of the book, so I can guarantee the quality of their recommendations!

    1. Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo

    Luciano Furia

    Vicolo San Giovanni Battista,



    Campania 81013


    Recommended pizza: Il Sole nel Piatto

    "This is the best pizza on Earth. No one can touch the skills of Franco Pepe. Every ingredient he uses is from the area. Each pizza tells a story: about the land, the people, the town itself." – Chris Behr

    2. Pizzarium, Rome

    Massimo D'Alma

    Via della Meloria, 43



    Lazio 00136


    Telephone: +390639745416

    Recommended pizza: Potato & mozzarella

    "Garbiele Bonci has been christened the Michelangelo of pizza. In his pizzeria Roman-style pizza al taglio (pan pizza by the slice) has risen to levels of astonishing quality." – Orlando Bortolami

    3. 50 Kalo, Naples

    Luciano Furia

    Piazza Sannazaro 201B



    Campania 80122


    Telephone: +390811920466

    Recommended pizza: Marinara

    "Ciro Salvo is in pursuit of the perfect dough. The pizzas are always well balanced and well cooked. It is the pizzeria I recommend to all my friends who come to Naples for the first time."– Valentina Scotti

    4. I Tigli, Verona

    Daniel Young

    Via Camporosolo 11

    San Bonifacio


    Veneto 37047


    Telephone: +390456102606

    Recommended pizza: Shrimp (prawn) sashimi

    "Simone Padoan's pizza bases are perfect: in the rise, the consistency, the digestibility. The toppings are put together on the basis of a constantly new harmonic game of colours, flavours, and textures."– Alessia Gallian

    5. Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix

    Pizzaria Bianco

    623 E. Adams St.


    Arizona 85004

    United States

    Telephone: +16022588300

    Recommended pizza: Rosa

    “Chris Bianco makes the best pizza in the USA. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, whether from a local farm or a faraway friend. Every balanced bite tastes like perfection.“ – Lance Roberts

    6. Pizzeria La Notizia, Naples

    Luciano Furia

    Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 53



    Campania 80126


    Telephone: +390817142155

    Recommended pizza: Marghertia DOP

    "Enzo Coccia is a master of the leavening process. The choice of the basic ingredients is extraordinary. The so-called 'innovative' pizzas with non-classic ingredients and combinations are excellent."– Simone Nicotina

    7. Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles

    Pizzeria Mozza

    641 North Highland Avenue

    West Hollywood

    Los Angeles

    California 90035

    United States

    Telephone: +13232970101

    Recommended pizza: Squash blossoms, tomato, and burrata

    “Nancy Silverton spent years developing her pizza dough and learning how to use the wood-fired oven. The crust is billowy, more bready than some, caramelized and chewy on the rim.“ – S. Irene Virbila

    8. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples

    Luciano Furia

    Via Cesare Sersale 1-3



    Campania 80139


    Telephone: +390815539204

    Recommended pizza: Margherita

    "Pizza down to the basics, but perfect. Great crust, great sauce, great cheese. No add-ons, no choices. Go. Wait in line. Eat. You will not regret it." – Joseph Diliberto

    9. Pizzeria Fratelli Salvo, Naples

    Luciano Furia

    Largo Arso, 10-16

    San Giorgio a Cremano


    Campania 80046

    Telephone: +39081275306

    Recommended pizza: Cosacca

    "One of the best pizzerias in Italy. Pizzas with excellent dough, exceptional care in the choice of the ingredients and a wine, beer, and champagne list worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant." – Leonardo Ciomei

    10. Roberta’s, New York

    Anthony Falco

    261 Moore Street


    New York 11206

    United States

    Telephone: +17184171118

    Recommended pizza: Famous Original

    "One of my favourite places to eat in New York, this Brooklyn institution oozes hipster chic – in fact, they invented it. Pizzas are chewy, simple, no overkill of ingredients." – Sharlee Gibb

    11. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, Naples

    Luciano Furia

    Via dei Tribunali 32

    San Lorenzo


    Campania 80046


    Telephone: +39081446643

    Recommended pizza:Margherita

    "A great tradition of real Neapolitan pizza. Brothers Gino and Antonio Sorbillo have decided to carry on age-old customs but with a very modern entrepreneurial verve." – Martina Caruso

    12. Saporé, Verona


    Via Ponte 55A

    San Martino Buon Albergo


    Veneto 37036


    Telephone: +390458781791

    Recommend pizza: Aria di Pane – La Sarda

    "Renato Bosco has the ability to interpret all styles of pizza with extraordinary technique. This is where you can find the widest range of high-quality doughs in just one restaurant." – Marco Locatelli

    13. La Gatta Mangiona, Rome

    Gatta Mangiona

    Via Federico Ozanam 30-32

    Monteverde Vecchio


    Lazio 00152


    Telephone: +39065346702

    Recommended pizza: Aromatica (seasonal)

    "The mother of all the 'foodie' pizzerias in Rome, with a well-risen dough, a Neapolitan look, and a more Roman texture. Simple and carefully selected seasonal toppings make this pizzeria a secure haven." – Andrea Sponzilli

    14. Bæst, Copenhagen

    Pers-Anders Jorgensen

    Guldbergsgade 29


    Hovedstaden 2200


    Telephone: +4535350463

    Recommended pizza: Tomato, Bæst mozzarella, and basil

    "The pizza at Bæst, from the world-renowned Danish chef Christian Puglisi, has a fresh feel. Most ingredients are locally sourced. The crust is delicious and the homemade mozzarella amazing." – Nana Hagel

    15. Bráz, Sao Paolo

    Romulo Fialdini

    Rue Graúna 125


    São Paulo

    São Paulo 04514-000


    Telephone: +551155611736

    Recommended pizza: Calabresa

    "The deserved success of Bráz is due to high-quality ingredients, a crispy crust, and exquisite toppings. The attentive service and welcoming atmosphere are worth mentioning, too." – Silvana Azevedo

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