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15 Easy Ways To Do Yoga Every Day


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5. Balance and stretch.

Using the wall to balance, pull your knee up and place back on the ground. Pull your foot towards your bum. Next, keep your hips square and push out so that you're pushing into the ground.


6. Arm stretch.

Lay your palm on the wall and take a step away from your hand. Then allow your shoulder to come as close to the wall as possible. Make sure there is no tension in your shoulders. You can combine this with the hand-on heart-breathing if you like.


10. Butterfly.

Sit on a chair and cross your legs, touching the soles of your feet. If you're not flexible enough, just bring up one knee instead and push into your thigh. (If you're choosing this option, then make sure your other foot is grounded on the floor.)

11. Cat pose.

With your palms behind you, stick your chest out, and grab the back of the chair. Push your chest towards the front and lean your head back. Bring your head back and make a nest for your head in your folded arms.


13. Stretch out your shoulders.

Stretch your hands behind your back and interlock your fingers. With your hips square, allow your head to hang between your knees with your arms above your head.

h/t teacher and model Tegan Hecht. Follow her on Instagram - @thegroovinherb

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