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10 Of The Most Beautifully Remote Places On Earth

Get off the grid. Inspired by Judith Schalansky's Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands.

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1. St. Kilda (United Kingdom)

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean 160 kilometres from the Scottish mainland, this uninhabited island stretches on for 8.5 square kilometres. It's also a World Heritage Site.

2. Macquarie Island (Australia)

With between 20 and 40 residents, this island is home to the world's entire royal penguin population during the species' annual nesting season. Wow.


3. Ascension Island (United Kingdom)

With only 1,100 residents and a volcano to keep you company, Ascension Island welcomes you.

4. Bouvet Island (Norway)

Ninety-three percent of this island in the Atlantic Ocean is covered by glacier. But golly it's gorgeous.

5. South Keeling Islands (Australia)

Also known as the South Cocos Islands, this archipelago in the Indian Ocean has 596 inhabitants — 597 if you join them.

6. Southern Thule (United Kingdom)

If you can handle the climate (cold, so cold), then the fact that Southern Thule is part of an old sunken volcano is pretty cool.

7. Rapa Iti (French Polynesia)

Surrounded by a ring of relatively high mountains, Rapa Iti (also known as Rapa) is in the Pacific Ocean, and has 482 inhabitant, including the members of the Tahitian Choir.

8. Pingelap (Micronesia)

Made of three islands surrounding a central lagoon, this island is only 4 kilometres at its widest point.

9. Tikopia (Solomon Islands)

Tikopia has around 1,200 inhabitants and was created from the remnant of an extinct volcano. Which is kind of cool.

10. Peter I Island (Antarctica)

Nearly all of Peter I island is covered by a glacier, and it's surrounded by pack ice or most of the year, meaning it's almost inaccessible. There are infrequent tourist landings though, so you might get lucky.

Inspired by Judith Schalansky's Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands, which you can buy on Amazon here.


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