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Hot Stamping

t is the technique of thermal transfer printing, it has the quality of work with systems of transferable inks heat and tapes called foil which have a pigmentation high resolution.

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Hot stamping process

In principle, the hot stamping process is used to apply heat and pressure a metal strip or holograms for light materials such as paper, cardboard, lit ho cardboard, plastics and corrugated board.

The term "Hot stamping" includes:

Hot stamping simple flat

Deep etching or engraving combined with stamping

Application of holograms and holographic bands

Engraved embossing combined with micro and structural


The process is used in a wide range of products to create decorative finishes and anti-counterfeiting measures. Among the applications of the packaging industry are food packaging, pharmaceuticals, snuff and luxury goods, as well as labels for products such as wine and spirits. Besides for packaging, hot stamping is widely used in bank notes, greeting cards and all commercial printing.

Hot stamping presses

And hot stamping holographic consists of several layers. It is a polyester support, a release layer several layers of varnish and metal image and an outermost layer of adhesive primer. During hot stamping, pressing a heated die against the substrate band, which rests on a counter cylinder or contrapuntal. A combination of this pressure and activation of the adhesive sizing makes the band as such a substrate, a process which is favored by melting the release layer. The dies used in hot stamping are made primarily of brass and are produced by etching or manual or CNC systems.

The hot stamping press can be offline as a standalone or inline machine with a printer and / or other units. Although primarily fed by leaves, some hot stamping presses high speed feed bands. Regardless of whether the power is with leaves or band, sophisticated management systems are needed to place the substrate and the strip between the plate or cylinder holding the dies and its counterpart.

Parts of Hot Stamping Hot Stamping

Pieces of onsta the cunos

On the design or logo or you $ to made on relief reverse or illegible form, in which you can see how it will be the image transferred to the product, it is reali "to materials magnesium, bronze, % aluminum and pol mere highly materials transferable calor.

Foil (Folio)

Foil is a pel cola Clear plastic that has made in rolls and on which est! placed a THIN% gap layer bendable material, which is transferred to the material to be printed by high temperature left pr ens ado and mong the plate and paper, so that the material layer on the paper sticks with the same drawing that has the cu and according to the design or desired reali "ar there are different formats passing the m! s common to the meth! licos sofisticados, colors and hologr! ficos

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